Mask of the Gods

Crucify My Love

Ripped from his mother’s womb in the violent storm that razed his hometown, Sister Death returned Shinobu’s life, infusing her power into his bones. Now, he is drawn to the sick and dying with the power to heal them at great cost to himself. Vicious thorns erupt from his bones through his flesh as he takes their suffering onto himself.

After his childhood with the Breathless Sister, he lives detached from those around him. Even though he travels the world with his brothers, he cannot imagine sharing his life with another.

The days of the dead approach. An alluring imperial agent stirs deep feelings within him, as the dead arise from the grave to torment and kill the living. 

Shinobu swears he will do everything in his power to save them, but how can he save the innocent when the dead stalk the village without remorse or weakness?

What will he have to sacrifice to save them from the days of the dead? His beloved, his heart, or his life?

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