Dragons of Night

Dragons of Night is a Dark Fantasy world where the world of Magic, Dragons, Fae, and Giants secretly coexists with us.  They have always been here, but they are not hiding from us.  We have been exiled from their world.

The Dark Gentry, as the Dragonkin prefer to be called, once ruled the night, but now, the democracies of Europe and the Americas are shaky.  Relations with the Fae are thin.  The wild calls her children home.  How long till the shadows fall?

The Dragons are powerful beings.  No one knows if the dragons are a separate species, or if they are powerful wizards and sorcerers who have amassed so much power they gained immortality and nearly infinite power.

Their servants, the Ryukishi, or Dragon Knights, are bonded to them via a pearl grown within the dragon and given to them at their “becoming.”  They serve the varied wishes of their masters and mistresses with unquestioning devotion.  The Ryukishi inspired the dragon myths and legends in the non-magical world.

The world is filled with magic and mystery.  The majority of the magical world are mages, wizards, and sorcerers.  They go about their daily lives like their non-magical counterparts: working, loving, marrying, raising families.  The main difference is that their world is infused throughout with magic, which carries some interesting consequences on its own.


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