The Beating Heart of Fandom

Today is T-14 days until my 40th birthday, and the Reconnection Project has empowered me more than I ever thought it would. Today, I start the process of moving beyond me… Let the games begin. Fandom is an action and a community. View fullsize The Last Air Bender from Shore Leave 32 When I sayContinue reading “The Beating Heart of Fandom”

Let your light Shine

Today is T-15 to my 40th Birthday and I feel like wrapping up in a blanket and ignoring everything because my allergies struck back. A trivial problem, but when you are trying to build up momentum any stumbling block can knock you back down. View fullsize One of the biggest problems we face is whenContinue reading “Let your light Shine”

There’s not enough Love and Understanding

View fullsize It is now T-16 to my 40th Birthday, and it happens to be Brian’s Birthday today.  As I write this, he is playing Civ VI, his present with the biggest smile on his face.  It is hard to express how much I love him. Love is such a strange thing.  I never thoughtContinue reading “There’s not enough Love and Understanding”

Take back your life one thing at a time

It is T-17 days until I turn 40, and I am surprised at how that base 10 number is affecting me.  It is not that I feel old, it is more that I am looking back on my life to this point and wondering what (if anything) I have done with it. View fullsize ThisContinue reading “Take back your life one thing at a time”

It’s time to break the chains (2016 Objectives)

I know you all are probably tired of hearing me say this, but the last couple years have been hard for me.  Depression is a thing.  As we start 2016, it is time for me to do something that I haven’t done in a while, I need to set some objectives for the new year.Continue reading “It’s time to break the chains (2016 Objectives)”

The Big Friendly Giant and Seed of Creativity

Steven Spielberg is making a movie of The Big Friendly Giant. (squee) View fullsize The BFG was one of my favorite books when I was a kid.  It is hard to explain how much this book means to me.  I grew fast.  I was almost always the tallest kid in my class.  When I readContinue reading “The Big Friendly Giant and Seed of Creativity”

What’s in a name? Are they sometimes sheer vanity?

Lately, I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis. Not about who I am, but about what my name should be.   View fullsize Me on my 4th Birthday I was born Charles Eric Dorsett. For much of my early life, I bounced between Charles and Eric. Eric was the obvious choice because CharlesContinue reading “What’s in a name? Are they sometimes sheer vanity?”

We won our #dignity and #freedom as #LGBT in America

I am still in shock. My body is shaking, unsure whether I should laugh or cry, dance or scream. Maybe there is a way to do it all at the same time.  Honestly, I never thought this day would come.  I remember how I felt the day my state banned my rights by constitutional amendment.Continue reading “We won our #dignity and #freedom as #LGBT in America”

Why I need a new working way to go and know

Imagine my surprise when I loaded my Thinkup and saw this insight. “@cedorsett said the word “need” more than any other on Twitter last month, followed by “new,” “working,” “Going,” and “know.”” — My ThinkUp View fullsize If you follow my Twitter, you might not be surprised, but I was. A lot has changed overContinue reading “Why I need a new working way to go and know”

A Look forward to 2015: There and Never Going Back

View fullsize 2014 was a crazy year, and I mean that literally.  I spent most of the last quarter in deep depression, and I am glad to say that I am doing a lot better now. I started out the year working on a Zine, technically a micropub magazine (dashPunk).  I wish things would haveContinue reading “A Look forward to 2015: There and Never Going Back”