Why THE Nonbinary Writer?

I was having a catch-up conversation with a friend and I was struggling to explain my music and my books. I kept saying things like, “it it’s kind of a cross between Gothic fiction and epic fantasy, but different.” After struggling through several of these statements, they chuckled and said, “wow, you really are aContinue reading “Why THE Nonbinary Writer?”

The Endless struggle between Money and Community Building

Exclusivity is the bane of the industry. I’ve spent the last couple days wrestling with what to do on March 16th. What is so special about that day? that is the day the exclusivity period with Amazon for several of my books comes up. I have the choice to reenroll them for another 90 daysContinue reading “The Endless struggle between Money and Community Building”

World Building Online and the Writerly Text

What is a story? For years I have studied and tried to wrap my head around what constitutes a story now, since the kinds of stories I read, watch, and listen to have changed a lot.  Blog novels, Twitter stories, Audiobooks, Webcomics, Podfiction…  I could go on listing things forever. Over the years, as myContinue reading “World Building Online and the Writerly Text”

Shouting in a Void: Loneliness and Writing

The last couple years haven’t been easy.  After falling into the darkest depths of depression, I withdrew from everything,  By everything, I mean everything.  I stopped going out.  I stopped podcasting.  I stopped blogging. I stopped everything… Things got better.  I got better.  I started blogging again.  I started podcasting again.  I started writing again,Continue reading “Shouting in a Void: Loneliness and Writing”

The Beating Heart of Fandom

Today is T-14 days until my 40th birthday, and the Reconnection Project has empowered me more than I ever thought it would. Today, I start the process of moving beyond me… Let the games begin. Fandom is an action and a community. View fullsize The Last Air Bender from Shore Leave 32 When I sayContinue reading “The Beating Heart of Fandom”

Let your light Shine

Today is T-15 to my 40th Birthday and I feel like wrapping up in a blanket and ignoring everything because my allergies struck back. A trivial problem, but when you are trying to build up momentum any stumbling block can knock you back down. View fullsize One of the biggest problems we face is whenContinue reading “Let your light Shine”

There’s not enough Love and Understanding

View fullsize It is now T-16 to my 40th Birthday, and it happens to be Brian’s Birthday today.  As I write this, he is playing Civ VI, his present with the biggest smile on his face.  It is hard to express how much I love him. Love is such a strange thing.  I never thoughtContinue reading “There’s not enough Love and Understanding”