Why THE Nonbinary Writer?

I was having a catch-up conversation with a friend and I was struggling to explain my music and my books. I kept saying things like, “it it’s kind of a cross between Gothic fiction and epic fantasy, but different.”

After struggling through several of these statements, they chuckled and said, “wow, you really are a nonbinary writer.”

I laughed and responded, “no, I am THE Nonbinary Writer!” Then laughed.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized I am not just nonbinary as a matter of gender, but in most of the ways I see the world.

Unfortunately, my mind did what it always does, accused me of claiming something I have no right to. So, to appease the darkness within, let me say right from the beginning- I am not The Only Nonbinary Writer, but it is the core of who and what I am.

So, what does it mean to be nonbinary?

Nonbinary is an umbrella term for anyone who doesn’t fit in the gender binary. For me, I am not a boy and I am not a girl. I use a singular they pronoun and mostly gender neutral words, though I do sometimes use feminine terms as well. That is how I am, not how nonbinary people are. Everyone is different, and no group is a monolith.

What is nonbinary thinking?

Honestly, it is called nondualistic thinking, and it is seeing both/and more often than either/or, but not to the exclusion or negation of the other. There are a lot of names for this, but for the moment I enjoy calling it nonbinary thinking.

My queerness touches everything that I do. In my work, I try to avoid hetero-normative thinking and have my characters live outside of hetero temporality. My goal with my fiction is to create worlds that are fun to inhabit, that embrace everyone no matter who or what they are.

I am also Dialectical rather than Dualistic in the way I approach the world. Simply, this means I see both/and rather than either/or. There are obvious exceptions to this for biased and bigoted ideas. There is never a reason to compromise with bigotry because such thoughts, words, and deeds attack and dehumanize people based on arbitrary characteristics to justify unjustifiable hierarchies. Bigotry is self-defeating and if I can help rush it to its end, I will do it.

What am I going to do here?

My goal with the Nonbinary Writer podcast and blog is to take you with me on my journey as a writer- the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all. This is the place for me to talk about what I am doing, working on, and my experiences along the way. It is an audio/text journal to take with me as I go down this path.

It has been so long since I published a book or story. This really is the reboot of my life and career. I’ve learned a lot from my past mistakes and I wanted a place to share that with you all.

So… What had happened was….

I am not going to go into all of the issues that arose when it was time to launch, but to but it simply put, the integrations I was trying to use did not work. The purpose of the rebrand was to use those features. The Nonbinary Writer is still the name of my YouTube channel, and that is not going to change, and I may still launch that other podcast in the future, but for now it is all on hold. We will see what the future holds.

I am leaving this post up becaust it is still the mission statement for the site, the only real change for you it that the writing element will stay on my Project Shadow podcast.

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