Casting out the darkness

This weekend was a challenge.  The world has taken on such a dark and twisted aura since November.  I spent most of my time talking people out of their despair… There is too much despair right now.

There is NO time for Despair!

Despair is self-defeating.  It is a corrupting energy that erodes our strength. Sometimes it feels right, but it never is. Despair means you have already given up.

We have no reason to give up, and every reason to stand up.

Rise up!

Stand up.  Speak out.  Be counted as a person who will not allow this hatred and discrimination against others to be done in your name. Get active. Find a group or start one.  Write your representatives. Call them.  March.

This is our time to step up and be heard by the minority party who has taken control of our government. Don’t ever believe the hype that they are the majority. 

Just dance!

Keep your spirits up.  Don’t let all of this drag you down.  It has been bad before, but the voice of justice broke the chains.  All we can do is dance.  Sing if you have a song.  Empower yourself. Know you are not alone.

The drum beat of progress cannot be drown out by hate speech. Dance!  Celebrate life.  Celebrate the Spirit of America rising up against these divisive actions. A house divided cannot stand. Their hate shall fall.  

Keep joy in your hearts my sisters and brothers. We will be victorious in the end.

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